This Day You Will Be with Me in Paradise Retreat

These are personal expressions of experiences from participants at the 9-day Holy Week and Easter Retreat with Tim Christopher at La Finca de Milagros, Benitachell, Spain – April 13-21, 2019.

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A meeting under the auspices of the Holy Spirit and the Rabbi Jesus, to explore the means given us for overcoming the world and the supreme secret that has been revealed in this Course in Miracles, for attaining victory over death.

“This week we celebrate life, not death. And we honor the perfect purity of the Son of God, and not his sins.

This Easter I would have the gift of your forgiveness offered by you to me, and returned by me to you. We cannot be united in crucifixion and in death. Nor can the resurrection be complete till your forgiveness rests on Christ, along with mine.” 


Theo   |   My awakening has been accelerated a lot due to this retreat.

“This was my first Course retreat experience and I have enjoyed it very much. My deepest respect for the team for making this retreat possible. I have been reading the Course for almost a year now and this retreat has helped me enormously in gaining the Course insights and experience much faster.

The first day of the retreat felt like walking along a razor blade but I was soon surrounded and lifted by the love of fellow brothers.

They made sure that I felt very quickly at ease and that I was able to fully experience the retreat objectives all together with them, we laughed a lot, danced to the moon on the heavenly music, learned and experienced to the max, released old sufferings, gained Course insights, enjoyed the lovely food, campfire, experienced beautiful art expressions , lovely walks, inspirational chats , meditations,  breathtaking story telling , experience wonderful miracles and much much more, 

Back home full of great memories to pick and choose from, still going on with Course, reading where I left before the retreat which feels now so much easier to read, it feels like puzzle pieces coming together.

My awakening has been accelerated a lot due to this retreat, I am enormously grateful to Tim and all my other brothers.”


Miguel   |   I trusted that once I arrived, the healing would be total and definitive.

“I always arrive at La Finca with misgivings, prejudices and uncertainity initially.

It is a place where all my ‘ghosts’ and ego secrets are revealed to me in order to be healed.

I trusted that once I arrived, the healing would be total and definitive, and because I believed that, that’s how it was.”


Begoña   |   An incredible experience.

“An incredible experience of empowerment. 

It was an experience of having no limits.

Of seeing that we are not a body and experiencing that what we are is energy awakening to our true reality.”



Debra   |   An incredible platform to launch into my own awakening.

 width= “The La Finca retreat experience always brings me to a new understanding of myself and creates an incredible platform to launch into my own awakening. I am never the same after!!

One of Tim’s teachings through Jesus Christ was to see my own power as a Thought of God and to roar like a lion, and that I don’t have to make myself falsely humble or small like a mouse. This was an amazing and opening experience for me to see that in my own mind.

My gratitude for the Course and my brothers becomes deeper with every experience of the Truth and this retreat is essential to the speed up for this!”


Maria   |   Each encounter offers me new opportunities to heal.

“I always looking forward to going to these events of A Course in Miracles, and attending this Holy Week Retreat- “This Day You Will be with Me in Paradise” with Tim Christopher.
Tim is a wonderful teacher who shows you the state of your mind so you can heal, taking you to an experience of transformation.
Each encounter offers me new opportunities to heal, correct and teach me that I need to change my thinking system and replace it with the mind training that Jesus offers me, masterfully directed by Tim.
It is like escaping from this world of pain and suffering and entering another world where giving and receiving is unconditional, where only love prevails, totally happy to share, extend and experience the real world or Paradise.  
One of the activities that impacted me the most was the meditation of “Who Am I”, which is a statement and a constant recognition of my true Self, of thanking my Father for all the gifts that He has given me. Thank you, I love you.”

Carlos   |   Every day was new, every day was unique.

“The experience of this retreat has been incredible both before and during and after the retreat.  Every day is new, every day is unique.  A very special place where miracles truly happen.

Thanks to Tim for his teaching, to Lambie and all the brothers.  Between all these nine days on the Finca de Milagros they become a place outside the space-time that is worth sharing.”


Mark  | This Easter retreat was amazing!

“This Easter retreat was amazing! As my attention was directed hourly and daily to something ‘other than this world,’ other than a world of judgement, sickness and even of death itself, I began to see in my mind’s eye a world of light where guilt was non-existent and any need for forgiveness and salvation had vanished.

It was as if I had crossed over a line that was no more than a faint mark drawn in the dust.

And what I saw was that all my brothers, my neighbours, were already there.”


Steve  | The teaching sessions were powerful and so helpful.

“It was an intense period in which I had the opportunity for healing quickly, a lot quicker than I experience when I am at home.

Everything is shown to me what I need to forgive through the relationships with everyone there.

The teaching sessions were powerful and so helpful.

I had to give my willingness to the Holy Spirit and the healing happened.”


David   |  What an experience!

“What an experience, now to the difficulty of trying to explain an experience.

It is the remembrance of love’s presence. It is witnessed both subtly and profoundly. It flows in despite my density and in-spite of my self.

It is largely unexpected and perceived in or through ‘another.’

In a smile, in a sparkle in their eye, in the silliness and the laughter, in the music and the silence, in the smallest of gestures and in the enormity of joining in Mind.

Jesus Christ my Savior is here, and through Him and the mirror I look into of my brother, I remember a love that is not of this world.

My deepest gratitude to One and to all. 


Sakeena   |   I feel utterly blessed.

“I feel utterly blessed to have been divinely led to la Finca and all that it provided and everyone who inhabits it.  

It’s a miraculous space that generates and creates powerful energies for transformation.  I am so grateful to Tim and his team and all my dear brothers for this beautiful and life changing experience.

The experience of this place and the quality of the teaching, learning, friendship and love is the epitome of Gods love.Only this sentiment can hold and nurture the challenges and breakthroughs that emerge during such a process .

My heartfelt gratitude to everyone.”


Gonny   |   I’ve never experienced so much love before.

“The last retreat in La Finca in Spain was incredible and also completely new. I’ve never experienced so much love before. Staying for nine days in that energy and experiencing every word that was spoken as if they were almost touchable is unique. In La Finca you really discover what the words ” giving is receiving” mean. I’m deeply grateful to Tim and all the other brothers for being there for me and giving me so much light and love.  Thank you all.”


“Easter is the sign of peace, not pain. A slain Christ has no meaning. But a risen Christ becomes the symbol of the Son of God’s forgiveness on himself; the sign he looks upon himself as healed and whole.” (T-20.I.1-1)