Diamond Mountain Retreat – Arizona

These are expressions of personal experiences from participants at the 9-day retreat with Tim Christopher at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, Arizona, USA – September 14-22, 2019.

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Taking place in a high desert wilderness environment, this retreat allowed for the emergence of clarity and expansiveness in our need to experience, to re-discover and remain rooted in the singularity of sinlessness, the pure awareness of the knowing of Christ.

“The reflections you accept into the mirror of your mind in time but bring eternity nearer or farther. But eternity itself is beyond all time. Reach out of time and touch it, with the help of its reflection in you… Reflect the peace of Heaven here, and bring this world to Heaven. For the reflection of truth draws everyone to truth, and as they enter into it they leave all reflections behind.”  T-14.X.1

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Begoña“It’s so powerful when minds are joined for a true purpose.”

The place was stunning. I keep in my heart the sunsets in the mountains. I am very grateful to be able to look at my fears and see them as they are – just thoughts in my mind. It is so powerful when minds are joined for a true purpose and in this retreat I could see the desire as a group to heal, to awaken to our true reality without any doubt. We all want to be happy and at peace.

We are walking beyond the world of darkness to the light and for that, I am very grateful and I feel so much respect, love and compassion for all who were in Arizona with me, without any distinction. Taking the determination to wake up is not easy but it is the most wonderful and exciting thing you can do in this apparent space/time we are living because it is the only true thing. Thanks as well to Diamond Mountain Staff, beautiful people. 


Scott“My retreat experience was a monumental personal event.”

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for 30 years, but something was missing, and I wasn’t having the experiences that went with the material. However, at the retreat, I found the missing pieces thanks to Tim Christopher and Master Teacher. The big piece of the puzzle was this: we are not a bunch of individuals having different dreams, which is what I always believed. Instead I am the only dreamer of my dream and everyone in my dream is a reflection of me, and everyone in my dream is communicating with me by sending me messages all of the time.

Realizing that one concept changed my understanding of the Course, and things began to flow almost immediately, including miracles. It was only after understanding this concept that a second one fell into place. I realized everything is always in Divine Order. Finally, I also fully understood the concept of: to keep it, I have to give it away, and I completely lost my fear around money, which has plagued me my entire life. I would say the experience at the retreat was a monumental personal event.

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Dennis“The Diamond Mountain retreat was a peak experience for me.”

The Diamond Mountain retreat was a peak experience for me. 

Tim does not stray in his teaching that ‘you are not a body’ and ‘there is no world’.

After hearing these ideas with no leeway, consistently, I agreed in my mind to accept no other ideas, and now I assume the world is the playing out of my thoughts. 

I am looking for what is real, that’s all.  This retreat was a big step.

Thanks, Tim and Lambie, and everyone.

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Holly – “These retreats are the most profound quickening and healing opportunities I have found in the world.”

I would say that I received a complete healing during this retreat. I was given a full experience of my power in God and complete confidence in myself and my willingness and potential to fulfill what is being asked of me.

Tim’s teaching is, for me, an extremely pure demonstration of a Course in Miracles – a direct transmission of the clarity and certainty that Jesus offers.

Lambie also offers a pure and powerful demonstration of the truth and her sessions always give me complete clarity (through direct experience) of some important aspect of the teaching.

These retreats are the most profound quickening and healing opportunities I have found in this world. It is impossible to express my gratitude.

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Steve “The expansive environment at Diamond Mountain gave me a taste of the vastness of my mind.”

The expansive environment at Diamond Mountain gave me a taste of the vastness of my mind and how small my body is in comparison.

We were encouraged to make full use of the location in our daily personal retreat time with walks, meditation and wilderness experiences.

This is what made this retreat more helpful than anything I had experienced before.


Mary “Thanks for the patience, wisdom, gentleness, for the joy and laughter, for the unconditional love.”

mary and hollyThis was a very different retreat experience for me, and not because of the thousands of miles travelled or the desert wilderness surroundings, in which I felt strangely relaxed and at home, if a little overheated at times! The setting felt extremely familiar and I had the palpable sense that I had done this all before, as in a repeating dream. The absence of my usual responsibilities as a mother and the support of others who have chosen to be guided by the thought system of A Course in Miracles helped to refocus me on the essential idea that I am tenaciously resistant to accept… that I am responsible for everything I see, think and experience and that if I am to free myself and apparent others from suffering I must give up attack thoughts.

This is something I must want more than anything else in this world and must be new in every moment. I know this is a path towards Truth, which is what I have been searching for since I was a child… always asking questions and feeling unable to accept the answers I was given. I pray that I may be shown the way. I forgive myself for every mistake I make. Thank you to everyone who was part of this amazing retreat or who helped me to attend. Thanks particularly for the patience, wisdom and gentleness, for the joy and laughter, for the unconditional love, and for the opportunities to express myself through music and dance. You are beautiful!

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Allan “An experience that has accelerated my inevitable awakening immeasurably.”

What comes to mind when I reflect on the Diamond Mountain retreat ..

The words are quiet, stillness, safety, beauty, joy, certainty, clarity, invulnerability, knowing, gratitude, amazement, power.. such power..my goodness such power..the awesome power of minds joined in true purpose.

It seemed normal to feel this way after a while, and the world of concepts became distant..and fortunately still is to a certain extent..

A very different experience to what I expected (don’t know what I expected but not this!) and one that I feel has accelerated my inevitable awakening immeasurably…

Thank you Master Tim and Master Lambie and all who attended with me..I love you ..❤️

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Debra “This was a time to still my mind and sink into the teachings and light of the experience of forgetting the world and being with God.”

deb and maryThe Diamond Mountain retreat experience was one of stillness and solitude for me. This was a time to still my mind and sink into the teachings and light of the experience of forgetting the world and being with God.

I used my free time in the afternoons to connect with the Course and be in the silence of the wilderness. I was ready to let go of my fears about bugs and willingly used this as an opportunity to look at these fears.

The expansiveness of the desert was amazing and during the night vigil, we each had a chance to just be in the desert alone with the moon, which was a very powerful and healing experience for me.

We were very well looked after and I am extremely grateful that Tim and Lambie made this experience available for me.


David “An experience beyond value.”

Go to the desert they said, face your fears they mentioned, withdraw from the madness I am dreaming and find the peace and love that you are. Know God is.

Do what every symbol of the One Divine Mind of God has needed to do. To join with every version of the awakened Mind in Singularity, each sage or shaman, prophet or priest, all those who witnessed revelation in the Holy Instant: retreat, go inwards, surrender, ask, be still, know with clarity that the Universe exists inside my mind. That it is only my mind that needs fixing.

Deal with the fact I am doing this to myself. Wow, what an experience, how joyous to share it with my brothers and the pennies continue to drop.

An experience beyond value, and regardless of how the coin-flip comes down: heads or tails, win win every time. 

It transpires my brothers are not the br-‘others’ I first projected them to be. Indeed it becomes clear ‘they’ are ‘me’ and all I need do is see them with Christ’s Vision. Thus I resurrect the Christ in me. I’m delighted to report this has become much easier, as they taught me that the gap between ‘them’ and ‘me’ was made by me, and can therefore easily be closed by me. That all these processes occur in Mind. The same gap I made to separate ‘my-self’ from God is the same gap between ‘me’ and ‘them.’

This avatar I made, this entity I know as David, as the veils to loves presence continue to fall away, I awaken.

The retreat was a wake-up call, a reminder of my density, a firm prompt, an open invitation in the realisation that for as long as I hold to a belief in the body, my dream of death will grind on.

I am no longer persuaded by it, and it is in the company of these remarkable br-others and joined in Mind with (and through) our Singular Divine Source that I remember, I am home in God. That ‘they’ like ‘me’ are Whole and perfect in His Mind.

To be reminded of beauty by beauty. To be delivered the uncompromising truth by a Master of love and light, to be in the presence of Christ, to be shown we are all the Sons of God.

Thank every-One of you.


Garry “What an experience!”

garryI was ‘blown away’ by this Course in Miracles retreat in Arizona.

The desert of Arizona was a perfect environment to practice presence of mind! The only sounds you could hear were the wind, the insects and the birds. We were very far from the chaos of external human activity and noise, and so it was a great opportunity to become aware of inner busyness and noise and to practice stilling the mind.

The backdrop of a Course in Miracles retreat is naturally, forgiveness. The energetic conversion of fear into love is the work, which is encouraged and supported in the group setting while remaining a highly individual process. This means getting very honest with myself and becoming aware of whatever seems to separate me from my brother – which is always only ever separation thoughts of judgment, comparison, competition etc. It means feeling the pain of any apparent ‘gap’, and asking for help to see things differently. And it means learning to increasingly ask for help in any moment when I have fallen into judgment or when it feels like I am being judged.

What an experience! Love and Thanks to all involved in making it happen.

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“Salvation is undoing in the sense that it does nothing, failing to support the world of dreams and malice. Thus it lets illusions go. By not supporting them, it merely lets them quietly go down to dust. And what they hid is now revealed; an altar to the holy Name of God whereon His Word is written, with the gifts of your forgiveness laid before it, and the memory of God not far behind.” W- p.II.2:3