“Forgiveness is the healing of the perception of separation.”

“This is a course in miracles. As such, the laws of healing must be understood before the purpose of the course can be accomplished…

All sickness comes from separation. When the separation is denied, it goes. For it is gone as soon as the idea that brought it has been healed, and been replaced by sanity.”         T-26.VII.2. 

Clarity and understanding about healing and the purpose of sickness, as elucidated in A Course in Miracles, is intrinsic to our mission. The need is great in this world. We offer healing by perceiving everyone with forgiving eyes or ‘true perception’, receiving for ourselves the healing that we give. There is no order of difficulty in the miracles we give just as there is no order or hierarchy in illusions. All pure expressions of love are maximal, and one illusion is the same as any other illusion. The cause of each form of suffering yields to the love of God through the miracle healer who has accepted the Atonement for him or her self.

  • “Our emphasis is now on healing. The miracle is the means, the Atonement is the principle, and healing is the result… The Atonement, or the final miracle, is a remedy and any type of healing is a result. The kind of error to which Atonement is applied is irrelevant. All healing is essentially the release from fear.”  T-2.IV.1

  • God’s Son is perfect, or he cannot be God’s Son. Nor will you know him, if you think he does not merit the escape from guilt in all its consequences and its forms. There is no way to think of him but this, if you would know the truth about yourself:


    I thank You, Father, for Your perfect Son, and in his glory will I see my own.”   T-30.VI.9
  • “Forget not that the healing of God’s Son is all the world is for.
  • That is the only purpose the Holy Spirit sees in it, and thus the only one it has. Until you see the healing of the Son as all you wish to be accomplished by the world, by time and all appearances, you will not know the Father nor yourself. For you will use the world for what is not its purpose, and will not escape its laws of violence and death. Yet it is given you to be beyond its laws in all respects, in every way and every circumstance, in all temptation to perceive what is not there, and all belief God’s Son can suffer pain because he sees himself as he is not.”   T-24.VI.4

Our one responsibility, as miracle workers is to accept the Atonement for ourselves, that means to heal our selves. Healing occurs in direct proportion to the recognition of our own need for healing. All healing is the overcoming of the false belief in separation. It is this belief the miracle undoes in all its forms. We can only heal our selves, just as all forgiveness is forgiveness of our selves. We pray, we forgive and then we are healed. Our healing is then shared with everyone who joins us in the healing miracle of the holy instant. Now we are the means for healing. We are healed and we can heal and by healing we realize that we are not special but holy. Being healed and whole we are one in holiness with the Father, bringing His healing miracles to all that He created in unchanging love.

“It must be true the miracle can heal all forms of sickness, or it cannot heal. Its purpose cannot be to judge which forms are real, and which appearances are true. If one appearance must remain apart from healing, one illusion must be part of truth. And you could not escape all guilt, but only some of it. You must forgive God’s Son entirely. Or you will keep an image of yourself that is not whole, and will remain afraid to look within and find escape from every idol there. Salvation rests on faith there cannot be some forms of guilt that you cannot forgive. And so there cannot be appearances that have replaced the truth about God’s Son.”     T-30.VI.7

  • “How holy are the healed! For in their sight their brothers share their healing and their love. Bringers of peace,–the Holy Spirit’s voice, through whom He speaks for God, Whose Voice He is,–such are God’s healers. They but speak for Him and never for themselves. They have no gifts but those they have from God. And these they share because they know that this is what He wills.”    S – 3.IV.1
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