Creative Communications Summer Camp

Expressions of personal experiences from a 14-day Creative Communications Summer Camp with Tim Christopher at Piégut-Pluviers, France
a course in miracles with tim christopher

“We are illuminating A Course in Miracles as a divine mind-science of enlightenment whose sole purpose is to transform the human mind, restoring the power to choose the incomparable joy of your true identity in Christ. This is the individual imperative, and we have now in our hands the means for its accomplishment. A full endeavour to the singular purpose of salvation will bring to you the experience you need to end all doubt about Who and What you are and indeed have always been.”

“It is through us that peace will come. Join me in the idea of peace, for in ideas minds can communicate. If you would give yourself as your Father gives His Self, you will learn to understand Selfhood. And therein is love’s meaning understood. But remember that understanding is of the mind, and only of the mind, and its conditions are in the mind with it. If you were not an idea, and nothing but an idea, you could not be in full communication with all that ever was. Yet as long as you prefer to be something else, or would attempt to be nothing else and something else together, you will not remember the language of communication, which you know perfectly.” (T-15.VI.7)

“In the holy instant God is remembered, and the language of communication with all your brothers is remembered with Him. For communication is remembered together, as is truth.” (T-15.IV.8)

Steve “I can trust in the Holy Spirit always”

steve“The morning sessions of the retreat were an experience of something entirely new.

The afternoons were a gentle push through limiting beliefs to try new ways to creatively communicate that experience.

I created a piece of art that took me out of my past way of working to learn I can trust in the Holy Spirit always.”

Rosa – “My experience has been a true gift reaching even to my childhood”

rosa“My experience has been a true gift reaching even to my childhood. When I heard that it was a creative communication project, I thought that I had nothing worthwhile to communicate. As my project developed and I listened to Tim’s teaching , I was experiencing how the ego had me hooked on the idea of ​​”I’m not worthy”.

But thanks to contact with the brothers, the setting and the words of Tim, the Holy Spirit produced a miracle and the healing of all that occurred.

The THANKS came like a liberating shake, after which, in a moment of calm, the words came to me to show what my own project would be too.

And do you know what Tim said just when I showed him this project? “10 out of 10.”

I am still filled with laughter and tears when I remember that moment.

It felt like those words came directly from God just for me. To explain this, I have a biological brother who always received 10’s at school and I always felt like I was compared with him and underestimated as a child because I did not achieve 10’s. I’ve previously used that to hurt myself until that moment when I heard “10 out of 10” and then I did not care anymore. Love and Thanks.”

David R. – “How fortunate are we to have been given the keys to salvation.”

“I am most grateful to my brothers: to Tim and Lambie for your uncompromising dedication to the truth, to Allan for his unwavering support, to Holly and Gonny in their tireless dedication to give.

To whomsoever chased all the unicorns and rainbows from the grounds because they knew we wanted the truth, and to all those who were here for a moment, thank you, I love you.

I saw you all sparkle with a light not of this  world especially through your projects: the music, the images, the joy. I communed as One and through love found God.”

“How fortunate are we to have been given the keys to salvation. I’m unable to express how much was given me … but I realise that all I needed to do was show up.”

Nathalie –  “After less than a week I knew it was no going back, I had become part of a wonderful family.”


“How do you find something that for many years you have been looking for with no concept, no definition, no        name, the something that you know is there but cannot define?
Well, there is a white house in a forest in Dordogne five minutes walk from where I live – a mysterious house, empty for years – and one day, as I walked pass with my dog Miéla, I heard voices from the garden. Being a ‘nosey neighbour’ (Holly’s words) I went in and introduced myself to three lovely people: Tim, Holly and David. This was mid July; two weeks later I was changing my life forever by attending my first course.
The first morning was a complete shock – Tim’s teaching was very clear and inspiring but ‘understand if you can and what you can and do not ask questions now, all will come clear later..’ was not my style of learning. I had studied Christian Science years ago and was familiar with some of the concepts nevertheless this Course in Miracles was something else.
I really struggled and rebelled many times. But I knew I had to be there. The few things I grasped were already having a massive effect on the life I knew. Ups and downs, hope and doubts, glimpses of understanding and complete confusion, happiness and despair. After less than a week I knew it was no going back, I had become part of a wonderful family.
The venue was very happy and uplifting. The endless sharing of Love, joy, music, singing, dancing and laughter, carried me through whatever the good or bad feelings I was having at the time.
Welcome your brother to the home where God has set him in serenity and peace” (Chapter 23:10). Thank you wonderful teacher, thank you inspiring brothers and sisters. I love you!”

Begonya – “I am very grateful that this retreat has been possible”

“I am very grateful that this retreat has been possible. It has given me the opportunity to communicate with my true self and it was a wonder how everyone was enjoying the same connection.

The teaching in the morning with Tim, the creative time in the afternoon, the beautiful house and the wonderful forest.

Also the precious works that were presented, those who attended in person and online, the pool, the vespers with fire at night, the teachings of Lambie, and the joy of creating with the purpose of extending truth and love… Thanks!”

Garry –  “An unforgettable experience”

“A dominant theme throughout was communication. Tim is a rarity among Course teachers in that he not only exemplifies and demonstrates a full and consistent commitment and willingness to play an active part in the restoration of communication in the mind of the Sonship, but also reminds, supports and encourages students that their light must be extended through the fulfillment of a function – I have to find a way to give it away in order to know that I have it! Awakening is dynamic, It is a quickening; it cannot not involve coming alive and being activated in the present moment.

After each teaching session there were light sessions in which there was music and physical movement. These were often unspeakably profound and powerful, bringing about ecstatically devotional experiences of light, joy, and healing as the world disappears and what once perhaps seemed like insurmountable blocks and fears are easily converted into light and gone forever.

We also had a number of ‘outside of the box’ innovative art installations/teaching sessions from Lambie which were each astonishing in their ability to induce the mind into letting go of trying to grasp what this ‘means’, and to open it up into a a beautifully abstract and immediate experience of the ever present yet always new eternal holy instant.

There were service opportunities throughout which afforded helpful opportunities for remaining present, staying in communication and becoming aware when the mind wanders off.

There were also periods dedicated to ‘projects’ in which there were some supportive collaborations and in which we each also worked on our own individual communications as teachers of God, which were very nicely expressed through art, music, writing, photography, videos and teaching etc. and which were presented at the end of the two weeks.

My sincere and complete gratitude to everyone who attended and who played a part in making this happen.”

Gonny –  “Exactly what I needed”

“In one way or another the retreats of Tim Christopher always open something in my mind. This time the retreat helped me to lift a veil of fear. Exactly what I needed.

I said: ‘the retreat’, because it isn’t only Tim with his beautiful morning sessions, his consistency, his being there for you, his showing you what it means to do the Will of God, his instructions to learn how to communicate, but also the presence of the group…apparently different persons, but all with one goal: the awakening.

The only regret I have is that I couldn’t swim in the swimming pool!”

David H. – “Totally in gratitude”

“A bit of a different advent with Tim Christopher. Usually at Tim’s advents the day is full of activities worshipping the Love “Give All to All”. This advent was situated in a remote French Village in the Dordogne region in France. An epic remote place (and even has a Golden Eagle).

Everything about the Chateaux was bright even though it had never been used for anything like this before. Totally in Gratitude to All those around me who gave it purpose and brought it back to life.

The subject matter of the advent was on Divine inspiration of Oneness and using all abilities (and some you don’t know of) to produce a unique presentation on Creative Thought.

The Prayer Tent was used to get Divine inspiration. The words were just given. So what was the project going to be? Hidden aspects from within…My voice that hardly is ever used; which only a few can follow, and after two weeks of Ableton Live and Adobe Premiere (which were trials) a video called Going Home was produced.”

Holly – “I experienced huge transformation during this event”

“The morning teaching sessions with Tim were beautiful, deep and profound. My need for Tim’s teaching increases as I progress along this apparent path. I am beginning to hear what I have always been trying to avoid.

Lambie’s audio-visual teaching sessions gave me a completely out-of-the-box experience. I hear the truth so directly and deeply through her unique expression of whole mind.

I experienced huge transformation during this event. I was shown painful patterns of ego-identity, immense rage and hatred, resistances that I am now willing to have removed for me. I experienced huge leaps forward in my understanding of myself and acceptance of the truth.

The afternoon focus on creative communications was very joyful. It was amazing to have space dedicated to the creative extension of my mind and I am determined to continue with this as it’s the one thing that really makes me happy. I very much enjoyed receiving the extension of the light of my brothers – the fruits of the afternoon ‘projects’ time.

The light that Tim’s teaching made available to me in particular moments is beyond my ability to express. Its high-frequency and palpable nature were beyond profound. There are no words.. I breathed Heaven, of that I am sure.”

Rafa – “The fear of God finally changed into laughter”

“When the idea of ​​a summer camp oriented towards creativity and the realization of a particular project was communicated to the group,  I was a bit scared. The project that came to mind was a reflection on the system of education in the world, initially at the family level and later through educational mechanisms, schools etc, manufactured by society and whose result is the extension of the denial of our original essential Being.

It is no surprise that having inherited such an ‘idea’ I would be scared when trying to express the futility of such ‘learning’ and my refusal to remain faithful to such an error. Even when I try to transmit this experience I feel that fear; as if one part of me was betraying the other. Fortunately I began to experience that ‘other part’ that knows suffering is only an illusion. The dream of an impossible being in an impossible world, without a purpose aligned with the creative reality of God’s love.

Later the vehicle came to express the idea -why not make a song ?

With my project partners and with the  help of the organizers of the event, Tim and Lambie, and the final push of Holly (I love you) my song came through. And the fear of God, to express the beauty of His Son as he was created to create only the good, finally changed into laughter.”

Maribel – “It was beautiful, I have been happy and I cannot tell you how deeply grateful I am”

“There is always something wonderful and common to all of these events of A Course in Miracles: to feel at Home in remembering the Reality of Being through the Inner Guide, the high frequency of the teachings of Jesus, and his communication through Tim Christopher.

And while there are always creative moments at these retreats and events, this time I felt a greater openness to Being and overcame limitations by exposing myself in intimate communion free of the conceptual mind, creating something truly communicative. In summary, I experienced everything as an excuse for that purpose, to bring the Being here and now. And to extend it.

It was beautiful, I have been happy and I could not tell you how deeply grateful I am. Thanks to Tim for his generosity, for his pure communication of the Course without compromise, and for meeting us. Thanks to Lambie for her direct messages to the heart through her art. Thanks to Holly for her full service. Thanks to David for providing this wonderful place and for his kindness. Thanks to everyone who worked to get it going. And thanks to each and every one for being in my dream and accompanying me by the hand. I love you.”

Juani – “extremely helpful in my personal awakening process” 

Juani at summer camp“I knew from the beginning that I wanted to fully attend to this event in France, not partially as I have done with others previously.

Participating in most of the activities (translating, singing, praying, cooking……) has been extremely helpful in my personal awakening process.

Starting a creative communication project as a messenger of God has been really attractive to me. The main purpose is to keep it active now that I am back home. Indeed, whenever I’m back from an event or retreat I find myself in an impossible situation. I don’t fit in anywhere and I need a lot of help. Indeed, the Light is never painful, it’s my resistance to give up my identity (the undoing) that is painful.”

Debra – “It was a beautiful experience” 

deb at summer camp“The experience I had in the few days I was at the Summer Camp was amazing and all just for me! For months before the Summer Camp, I had been praying to be shown how to give myself away, and when I got there I discovered that this was what the Summer Camp was all about. It was about helping me to find a way to creatively express myself and my experience of the truth with the help of Tim, Lambie and my brothers. I was never interested in writing poetry or photography but I ended up doing both to create a short video of my experience of Lesson 127 (There is no love but God’s) to post online. It was a beautiful experience and Tim’s morning sessions, always so powerful, cleared the way for creativity. I thought I was stuck creatively but now I find myself more open to trusting the words that are given to me to be expressed and given away.”

Carlos – “My experience of this camp has been very good.”

“My experience of this camp has been very good. Unlike the retreats, the teaching with Tim was only in the morning, although it was no less powerful. The rest of the day there was time for communication.

To learn to communicate, a creative project had to be carried out, either individually or in collaboration with a brother through which to extend the love that we are. If you are not used to using your mind creatively at the beginning you may feel a little blocked when choosing what you want to do but with the help of Tim, Lambie and all the brothers the inspiration just arrived.

As for the place … a very nice place in the South of France perfect for all this to be possible.”

retreat house