Goodness of Jesus

Charitable living and purity of purpose comes through faith and trust in our relationship with Jesus and His goodness. Jesus is reminding the student throughout the books of this Course, that He is with us; He understands the spiritual journey along with its trials and tribulations, its challenges and its rewards. And if we would take His hand he can help us and save us time in overcoming the obstacles to the awareness of Love’s Presence, the Love that comes through Him from God. Through our relationship with Him this Love enters into all our relationships and through us it also goes out into the world.

  • “If I am with you in the loneliness of the world, the loneliness is gone. My purpose, then, is still to overcome the world… If my light goes with you everywhere, you shine it away with me. The light becomes ours, and you cannot abide in darkness any more than darkness can abide wherever you go. The remembrance of me is the remembrance of yourself, and of Him Who sent me to you.”   T – 8.IV.2
  • “By uniting my will with that of my Creator, I naturally remembered spirit and its real purpose. I cannot unite your will with God’s for you, but I can erase all misperceptions from your mind if you will bring it under my guidance. Only your misperceptions stand in your way. Without them your choice is certain… I cannot choose for you, but I can help you make your own right choice.” T – 3.IV.7.

  • “Jesus is for you the bearer of Christ’s single message of the Love of God. You need no other. It is possible to read his words and benefit from them without accepting him into your life. Yet he would help you yet a little more if you will share your pains and joys with him, and leave them both to find the peace of God.”
    C – 5.6