Generosity – the reversal of the thinking of the world is found here. By giving away what you truly value, by sharing it with others, it increases. The miracle worker discovers the gifts given him by God are his to give away. As he does so he realizes that what is within him that is of God, is also what he is.

  • “If you are to save the world, you first accept salvation for yourself. But you will not believe that this is done until you see the miracles it brings to everyone you look upon. Herein is the idea of giving clarified and given meaning. Now you can perceive that by your giving is your store increased.
    Protect all things you value by the act of giving them away, and you are sure that you will never lose them… Never forget you give but to yourself. Who understands what giving means must laugh at the idea of sacrifice.”  W 187.4

  • “The Holy Spirit communicates only what each one can give to all. He never takes anything back, because He wants you to keep it. Therefore, His teaching begins with the lesson: – To have, give all to all.”     T – 6.V.A,.5

  • “You understand that you are healed when you give healing. You accept forgiveness as accomplished in yourself when you forgive. You recognize your brother as yourself, and thus do you perceive that you are whole. There is no miracle you cannot give, for all are given you. Receive them now by opening the storehouse of your mind where they are laid, and giving them away.”   W 159.2