Helpfulness – we are learning to be truly helpful in any and every situation by listening to God’s Voice and His guidance as to what to do or say. To be truly helpful is to respond to any distress with love, looking on everyone with ‘healed perception’, which is to ‘see’ them with forgiving eyes.

  • “His Voice will direct you very specifically. You will be told all you need to know.” 
    T – 1.I.4

  • “God is praised whenever any mind learns to be wholly helpful. This is impossible without being wholly harmless, because the two beliefs must coexist. The truly helpful are invulnerable, because they are not protecting their egos and so nothing can hurt them. Their helpfulness is their praise of God, and He will return their praise of Him because they are like Him, and they can rejoice together. God goes out to them and through them, and there is great joy throughout the Kingdom. Every mind that is changed adds to this joy with its individual willingness to share in it. The truly helpful are God’s miracle workers, whom I direct until we are all united in the joy of the Kingdom. I will direct you to wherever you can be truly helpful, and to whoever can follow my guidance through you.”   T – 4.VII.8