The Certainty of Salvation

July 4, 2019 all-day
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We are celebrating together, the certainty of awakening and the joyful reality of illuminate mind, with Master Teacher. Master Teacher is a teacher of A Course in Miracles who communicates from the recognized certainty of his awakened mind in Christ. As such he is a bright resource, a catalyst for your own inevitable journey from fear to love, and from time to eternity.

“There is no such thing as death. There is no such thing as getting old and there is no such thing as sickness. You’re not overcoming anything! They don’t exist! This is my fundamental teaching. This is the teaching of all awakened consciousnesses. We don’t admit that you are evil coming to good, we maintain and declare that evil does not exist!”   Master Teacher

master teacher

This is the time to come together and celebrate all that has been given to us to accomplish within ourselves as individuals, the promise contained in A Course in Miracles and through the demonstration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We will be welcoming the Master Teacher to offer the transmission of mind which is the absolute simplicity of the Atonement. The extraordinary divine power of light, which is his legacy, brings about the conversion of individual consciousness in the bright light and uncompromising certainty of your eternal reality in God.

If you so choose this will augment your practice as a student or teacher of this unique spiritual programme and enhance your decision to hear God’s Voice, leave all dreams behind and return to the eternal Home of Truth.