Awakening the Christ Mind – Tucson AZ

October 6, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Medicine Wheel Wellness Center
4650 W Jojoba Dr
Tucson, AZ 85745
Suggested donation $40 - All welcome - no-one excluded for financial concerns
608 844 4325 / 608 554 2218

A transformative encounter with the awakened mind of Christ, speaking to you through the spiritual masterpiece of A Course in Miracles. Come and let yourself hear the singularity of this teaching and the means by which the mind is healed from all ideas of suffering and separation in the holiness and unity of truth. Together we will experience the miracle of true forgiveness in the holy instant of awakening to the reality of your illuminate mind in Christ. For now is the time to come alive in the celestial order of perfection and love.

Christ’s vision does not use your eyes, but you can look through His and learn to see like Him. Mistakes are tiny shadows, quickly gone, that for an instant only seem to hide the face of Christ, which still remains unchanged behind them all… His the eyes that look past error to the Christ in you. S-2.I.7

christ's vision

The great spiritual transformation of A Course in Miracles is a journey of awakening into the eternal miracle of the present. We are remembering now, a timeless instant of perfect forgiveness and healing. True forgiveness, understood or recognized as what it is, will lead you to the enlightened self-realization of the unchanging perfection of mind in Christ.

“Where could your peace arise but from forgiveness? The Christ in you looks only on the truth, and sees no condemnation that could need forgiveness. He is at peace because He sees no sin. Identify with Him, and what has He that you have not? He is your eyes, your ears, your hands, your feet. How gentle are the sights He sees, the sounds He hears. How beautiful His hand that holds His brother’s, and how lovingly He walks beside him, showing him what can be seen and heard, and where he will see nothing and there is no sound to hear.” T-24.V.3

“At God’s altar Christ waits for the restoration of Himself in you. God knows His Son as wholly blameless as Himself, and He is approached through the appreciation of His Son. Christ waits for your acceptance of Him as yourself, and of His Wholeness as yours. For Christ is the Son of God, Who lives in His Creator and shines with His glory.”  T-11.IV.7

awakening the christ mind

Tim Christopher      With Tim Christopher

This is an invitation to join us in the illuminate mind-training of A Course in Miracles, and the passionate certainty of your awakening to the reality of eternal life!

Come and discover the power and simplicity of the miracle of true forgiveness and the incomparable joy and freedom of your own Christ mind.